Taming the Whirlwind – How to Grow Your Business When You’re Busy

SPEAKER: NATHAN INGRAM — If you can never seem to find time to launch a new service, sharpen your marketing, or improve your systems because you’re just too busy with “real work,” you’re not alone, and this talk is for you! In the life of most business owners, there is an ongoing battle between strategy...

SEO 101: The Fundamentals

SPEAKER: ZANE TUCK — SEO connects your business to your customers at the time they need you. Even if SEO is complex and ever evolving, you can easily understand the basics. A little SEO knowledge can make a big difference. Join Zane Tuck of SEO Rocket as he provides you with the need-to-know basics of...

Integrating Scheduling and Automation

SPEAKER: CHISA PENNIX-BROWN — Creating a content-rich marketing plan that wows your audience and grows your brand can be difficult. Join this session to see how you can build your plan and your brand, while intentionally using multiple scheduling and automation platforms to Give it to the People. SPEAKER: CHISA PENNIX-BROWN

Sustain Your Startup with Recurring Revenue

SPEAKER: BETH LIVINGSTON — So you've got a GREAT product or service! But can your business survive the feast or famine framework? Every single business can benefit from establishing a source of recurring revenue and there are a plethora of ways to do it. This presentation will cover why recurring revenue is so important and...

Working Habits – How to Catch the Thieves and Seize the Day

SPEAKER: NATHAN INGRAM — Regaining control of your schedule is empowering, but it’s easy to let bad habits slip in. This follow-up to Taming the Whirlwind will help you level up your productivity by identifying several common problem areas that steal your time and provide practical strategies to recapture your day. SPEAKER: NATHAN INGRAM

Do you really need an app?

SPEAKER: KEIR DAVIS — Every startup thinks they need an app. But they often can’t tell you why, other than a vague idea that an app will “get them more customers.” This session discusses the need to root cause the “why” for an app, what to look for in an app developer, and how to...

SEO 201: Beyond the SEO Basics

SPEAKER: ZANE TUCK — Take your SEO to the next level! In this session, Zane Tuck of SEO Rocket will share more advanced practices that separate you from your competition. Learn what it takes to improve your relevance, authority and site performance for best SEO results. SPEAKER: ZANE TUCK

Brand Attachment: The Neuroscience of Brand Success in the Future

SPEAKER: GORDON LOCKE — In this presentation we will explore the emotional attachment brands ultimately want with consumers, how it manifests, what is at stake and why it is the ultimate pay off. Brand attachment is the realm behind loyalty. It is harder to break, yet harder to earn. Data-driven content and insights informed storytelling...

10 Ways Bad Copywriting Is Killing Your Sales

SPEAKER: MARK TOSCZAK — I'll explain 10 of the most common mistakes I see in copywriting — on websites, in ads and emails, and elsewhere — and tell the audience how to fix them. SPEAKER: MARK TOSCZAK

How to Hire and Manage the Ideal Remote Worker

SPEAKER: NICKY SMITH — In a changing world managing, remote workers can be a challenge for business owners. Nicky will present some tips on how to best identify the ideal at-home worker in addition to how to manage their productivity. SPEAKER: NICKY SMITH