Stephanie Carls

Stephanie Carls is a speaker, video marketer, and founder of My Savvy Life, a weekly video series on YouTube showcasing technology and how it can work for you. Her creativity in videos has landed features in The New York Times, NBC News, and Huffington Post. With experience as a digital correspondent, Stephanie has represented brands like Chevrolet, Cottonelle, Marketwired and even Nexersys on CBS’ The Doctors.

Three Big Things: Marketing to Millennials in Their Way

Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter… Where should I be to market to Millennials? Millennials are the largest, most educated and most influential demographic in American history. As consumers, they have different purchasing patterns than previous generations, are constantly connected to the world and want custom brand experiences. Discover their unique traits, how to engage them, what motivates them and how to strengthen brand loyalty amount this market. Plus, you’ll uncover key ways for keeping your brand relevant to this audience.