Jen Brown (Emcee)

JEN BROWN (OLENICZAK) is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Engaging Educator. Through EE, her pedagogical approach of Improv as Continuing Education has reached thousands of people – all non-actors! – with the awesomeness that is Improv. Along with Improv-based workshops, she is passionate about Autism acceptance within cultural organizations and loves to personally collaborate with museums on the creation of socialization programs. Jen holds degrees and accreditation from Marquette University, City College of New York, St. Joseph’s University and Second City and the school of Yes, And. Currently, Jen happily resides in Winston-Salem with her husband, who she met while teaching an improv class – and no, he wasn’t the best person in class, in fact, he was the worst.
Jen Brown is our Emcee for the day.