George B Thomas

George B Thomas has more than 15 years of industry experience. He holds 7 HubSpot certifications Inbound Certified, HubSpot Certified, VAR Certified, and COS (content optimization system) Certified. He is a thought leader when it comes to inbound, content, and social media marketing as well as business management and development. He enjoys learning, teaching, and developing new solutions for companies who want to work hard and grow. He loves to answer questions and speak at events. Oh, and have a cold beverage every now and then.

Creating An Inbound Marketing Strategy Without Blowing Your Budget On Tools

Most companies think that creating an inbound or content marketing strategy for their company means spending thousands of dollars on some mainstream marketing automation software. While this may be a great fit for your company it is not the only way. Learn how you can start marketing and selling to your potential customers in a way they will love and won’t blow your budget.

Three Big Things: How to Create a Podcast that Drives Results, Relationships & Revenue