About ConvergeSouth

ConvergeSouth, founded in 2004, has become the region’s premier technology and creativity conference for businesses, non-profits, and emerging entrepreneurs alike. We are run by an amazing group of volunteers and sponsors, who all strive to empower businesses who are equally as passionate and self-motivated in their community and work!

Our goal is to bring you panels of speakers with invaluable ideas, insight, and advice to share. The conference is limited to only a few hundred tickets, which ensures that there is always time for plenty of Q&A’s and informal networking! With past speakers such as Robert Scoble, Craig Newmark, Bob Knorpp, and Mark Schaefer, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to run your next venture by this years’ players.

This incredible one-day event is packed with panels, keynote addresses, networking and break-out sessions, DIY workshops, and more! Those looking to expand their business by creatively utilizing all that the internet and technology have to offer don’t want to miss out on this once a year event.

Our speakers specialize in all things tech, design, and web, and they’re ready to let you in on all the tips and tricks! Learn how to create meaningful content, the most efficient way to run your social media sites, how to use data to get the most out of your audience, and much, much more.

Join the entire ConvergeSouth team the night before the conference at our VIP event. As a VIP Guest, you’ll enjoy a more intimate networking experience with the players you’ll be hearing from the next day.